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Cylinder Heads

Why Our Engine Head Rebuilds Are Better Than New

Southeast Cylinder Head in Orlando, Florida, has been repairing cylinder heads for domestic and import cars and trucks since 1971. We also repair engine heads for inboard marine engines, stationary engines, ATVs, PWC and much more. Our engine head rebuilds come with a lifetime warranty. Why settle for a 2 year or 5 year warranty? We stand by our work.

New Cylinder Heads vs Rebuilt Southeast Cylinder Heads!

In the past year, we have repaired over 400 cylinder heads and are proud to say we have not gotten a single complaint or had anyone need to use their included warranty. We have not gotten the first call back for anything.

We can repair any type of cylinder head and we also specialize in Ford Diesel Head Repairs.

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  • Any work that I need in the future will definitely come to you.

    Bobby Bowers
    John, thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you did on my 6.0 cylinder heads. My mechanic thought they looked absolutely wonderful. We're still working on the tunes. The truck runs wonderfully; it makes lots of power. I'm glad that I chose you guys to do my work. Just a little information: here in Virginia, we have had temperatures this winter of -8 degrees and, within 24 hours, 60 degrees. Wow, those cylinder heads will take that. Hopefully they'll stay there for a long time. Any work that I need in the future will definitely come to you. The shipping charges are a small price to pay for such quality work.
  • You Know Your Stuff

    John, I have to say I have talked to a lot of people in regards to this and you have been the most helpful so far. I can tell by talking to you that you know your stuff. Thanks so much.
  • Knowledge, honesty and workmanship is what describes John

    M.A, Winter Park, Florida
    I met John after looking high and low for someone that could honestly handle the rebuild of my vintage 327 Chevy engine. After speaking to several ‘shops’ in the area I was very discouraged because of the lack of professionalism and the wide range of pricing. My experience with John changed all of that though. He is extremely knowledgeable about all engines and their repair. He was especially knowledgeable about my engine and guided me through what was worth spending money on and what was not. In the end, my job was done on time and within our agreed to budget. Knowledge, honesty and workmanship is what describes John. I would have no hesitation referring anyone to him.
  • John Zielinski
    I just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did on my 6.4 cylinder heads. It took a long time to get this engine together. I found many flaws in this engine . The crank was twisted, 3 cracked pistons, front cover cavitation although common shouldn’t be happening. I want to send some pictures of the build and let you know what’s in this build in case anyone else asks what works. Its got pistons bought directly from international that do not have the stress risers in the bowl area. The crank I found was twisted,  so new crank and balanced to 6 grams . Original rods .all magnafluxed. Colt billet stage 2 camshaft. New block, front cover and 2 batmowheel billet compressor wheels with new turbos. A fluidampr crank damper and a lot of time!!!  But it runs so smooth and just wants to rev, past 2500 to 4500 it just pulls with 50 psi boost through a banks intercooler. It’s just a fun truck to drive. Thanks. John Zielinski
  • John Zielinski
    Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work done on my heads. The truck runs great. Also merry Christmas to you and yours. Here’s a pic of the truck upstate at our hunting spot.  Nice break in run. John Zielinski
  • Chris
    Hello John, My cylinder Heads arrived this morning in absolutely immaculate condition. From the minute I called you to explain my problem, then to the purchase of second hand Cylinder Heads that I sent you, to the work you carried out on it and to the delivery from Orlando to West Yorkshire it took a staggering 3 weeks !! My friend Jim in West Yorkshire told me this morning on the phone that the work you carried out on the cylinder heads was of the highest quality with new valves added to it and that the Packaging was also very Good so the Heads were well protected. I would like to thank you for your help John. You are one of the last real genuine men who really care for their customers. I will leave a review on your website and I will recommend you to my friends and fellow Jeepers over here. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your Family. Kind regards, Chris
  • Scott
    John, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you and David did on my Dodge 4.7 heads. Your work was excellent! I put it all back together Saturday. I used the copper coat spray and cleaned the block surface really well so hopefully all will be good in the future. Maybe I’ll get another 145k out of it. I enclosed a pic. My friend said “Dodge gives you room to stand up in front of the engine because they know you’ll be working on it all the time!” lol I really appreciate the great customer service. Thanks again, Scott
  • Bryce
    You recently did a “bulletproofing” for me on my 6.0 powerstroke heads. I wanted to thank you for an excellent job. This motor runs so smooth its unbelievable. At idle there is absolutely zero vibration, like it isn’t even running. It is also noticeably quieter. Again, I appreciate your attention to detail to provide a QUALITY product. Worth every penny. Bryce
  • Tom.
    Just wanted to tell you that the aluminum heads for my 1940 Lincoln V-12 that you fixed are working flawlessly. You saved a beautiful piece of automotive history. The car won some awards because of it, woot, woot! I entered it in three shows, and it won something in all of them, from “Best Ford Motor Product” to “Best In Show,” thanks to you. Tom
  • Nelson
    Hey John , I got the (Audi) heads in great condition . They look impeccable, thank you for all your help! Nelson
  • BW
    I delivered my new/re-manufactured head to my mechanic and he was impressed as was I. I just want to tell you that you are one of the most awesome people I have ever run into on this earth. I read your “Our Promise” to my wife this morning as she prepared to go in to her job at AR Children’s Hospital as a nurse manager. She was impressed too. If I get to come back to the Orlando area again in the future, I hope to get to meet you personally and shake your hand. Thanks a lot for your work ethic. Yours truly, BW
  • Tom
    The heads arrived here in great shape and they are beautiful. It’s hard for me to even find some of the fixes you did. That is, I cannot see some of them, period. Thank you for polishing the heads, also. I know that polishing them is a time-consuming and expensive additional operation. They looked very nice when they got here. I have the idea that you have more time and attention invested in these than the price you put on them shows, and they certainly look like it. I am very grateful that you took this project on. Thank you very much.
  • Kevin Callaghy
    Hey John and David, I just wanted to update you both and say thanks again for the work and help you did for me. The car has been running like a champ for the last 2000 miles and I couldnt be happier. I’m sure it will go for another 150,000 (you better belive ill be changing that timing belt…) I will recommend you to any and everyone that I encounter that would need that kind of work. From a very happy customer. Thank you, Kevin Callaghy
  • Exceptional Service

    Aaron Carter, President, Aaron’s Lighting, Orlando, Florida
    I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service I received at your shop. You guys were very informative, finished my heads right on schedule and even taught me a few “tricks of the trade”. I will use you for all of my cylinder head needs and will also refer your shop to all of my friends.
  • He gets the job done right

    D.C., Mount Dora, Florida
    John is very knowledgeable in the field of engine repair. My experience is that he gets the job done right. He has always been fair and honest in my 15 years of knowing him. I would highly recommend his services.
  • Always exceeded my expectations.

    M.A., Orlando, Florida
    I have known and used John’s services for over 20 years…his work and expertise have always exceeded my expectations.

Cylinder Head Repair Services

It’s safe to say with 75 years or more of combined experience in the cylinder head business that Southeast Cylinder Head has what it takes to repair both domestic and import cylinder heads of all makes, models, sizes, and kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gas, diesel, or even LP fueled engine, if it’s a car, forklift, or generator… if it runs (or at least should), we can take care of you. With our Lifetime Warranty, Flat Pricing Structure, Accurate Estimates, and Next Day (and sometimes Same Day) Service, choosing Southeast Cylinder Head is a no-brainer. Learn more about our cylinder head repair process.

We Ship Engine Heads Anywhere in the United States

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