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Audi & Volkswagen VW Cylinder Head Rebuild Tips

As of this date (July 12, 2012) we are unable to find replacement valve guides in the BPY and BPG cylinder heads described above for a VW cylinder head rebuild or an Audi cylinder head rebuild. Our local dealer told us they don’t service them individually. Just as an aside, the little “tabs” that they say to bend to get the “Radial Compensation” loose to remove the injectors, don’t bend….they break. There is a repair kit P/N 06D998907 that gives you AUDI-VW-valve-guideseverything you need and they’re only $14.50 list per injector.

Back to my point, when the timing belt lets go it’s going to get at least the exhaust valves and in our latest job, intake and exhaust valves. The valve guides at the bottom will also break when this happens. Everyone I spoke to, after I couldn’t find a source to buy them, said if the clearance is good, don’t change them and leave them alone. The problem is, if there are cracks we can’t see, they may break off later down the road and as always, do as much damage as possible.

Found A Solution

We found a solution using valve guides for a 1998-2006 1.8L AEB and AWD Turbo 5 valve cylinder head. They are identical in every dimension except overall length which, using this guide is 2.28 mm (.090”) shorter. We installed one next to the OE and by splitting the difference between the top and bottom, you can’t tell the difference. They worked perfectly.

I’m sure these will be available at some point but for the time being, this is a good fix for a VW cylinder head rebuild or an Audi rebuild.  Need more help. Give us a call.

Thank you!
John Lantry

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