Some of the cylinder head and machine shops you go into in Orlando and elsewhere will tell you that marine cylinder heads are repaired just like any other cylinder head. They are partially correct but there is more to marine cylinder head repair than a lot of shops are used to dealing with. For instance the cooling systems on marine inboard engines are different than that of a car, truck, or even an industrial engine.

Diesel Marine EngineSome Orlando cylinder head repair shops don’t even handle marine cylinder heads even though they advertise that they do so that they can get you to call or go to their shop. Southeast Cylinder Head is your one-stop place for marine cylinder heads in the Orlando area and the southeastern part of the country. Of special interest to marine mechanics and repair shops is the extent of experience that Southeast Cylinder Head has in repair cracked marine cylinder heads. Many marine engine shops will simply toss away marine cylinder heads that are cracked because they erroneously believe that cracked marine heads cannot be repaired. But here at Southeast Cylinder Head we specialize in all phases of repairs that need to be done to marine cylinder heads be it a general cylinder head rebuild or a more involved process such as repairing a cracked marine cylinder head.

Below is a list of some (but not all) of the more popular marine engines we have expertise with:

  • Volvo marine
  • Caterpillar marine
  • Detroit Diesel marine
  • Mercury marine / Mercruiser
  • Ford marine
  • Chrysler marine
  • Banks marine
  • Cummins marine
  • Perkins marine