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New vs. Repaired Ford Cylinder Heads

We often times get asked why we don’t sell new Ford Diesel Cylinder Heads and why we prefer to repair them, even though it would cost us less, and allow us to make even higher margins, as new heads can cost $342.50 or even less. The answer is simple: QUALITY.

At Southeast Cylidner Heads, we have been repairing cylinder heads since 1971, and are experts when examining and repairing heads. We decided to find out why new Ford Diesel cylinder heads are being sold cheaper than ever before, and were surprised when we found that the quality of these new heads is nowhere near where theys hould be, and so goes the old saying “You get what you pay for.” Below you will find ford diesel cylinder heads that we purchased from 5 different suppliers, and what we found when we examined them.

new cylinder headsBRAND NEW cylinder head from the top row of a pallet of 40 Ford 6.0 18MM, cracked from the glow plug hole to the injector hole.

BRAND NEW. You might have already noticed the valve guide missing from the far right cylinder, failed pressure test around the guide. We found a pin hole where they machined the head for valve guides.

injector cupThe injector cup on the left is from a BRAND NEW cylinder head. We pulled it to Inspect it and compare it to the O.E. cup on the right. If the one on the left sealed at all, how long do you think it will last?

cracked cylinder head

Another cylinder head from the bottom row of the same pallet of 40 Ford 6.0 18MM, cracked from the glow plug hole to the injector hole

  1. March 20, 2022


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