flawed ford cylinder heads

Flawed Ford Cylinder Head?

Isn’t that design the reason you’re here in the first place?

Exhaust Port Runner

We have checked over 20 new cylinder heads, from 7 different sources, including Ford’s new ‘Redesigned’ 6.0. cylinder heads. Why have we gone through this much trouble you ask? The answer is simple we at Southeast Cylinder Heads are experts in our field, and the more we know, the better we can serve you!

What we learned:

Most have machined valve guides. All have new valve seat inserts, some 21Ra. (cast iron), ours are 35 to 40 Ra. nickel-chrome. Some claim to have heavier castings. The one we checked making that claim weighed 2.4 pounds less than a Ford casting of the same thickness, we can continue, but that’s not necessary, if you want to learn more check out our blog article entitled “Ford 6.0-6.4 New Heads Wall of Shame.”

We started our Ford Diesel cylinder head repair program in Aug. 2011. This year we have sold an average of 8.64 heads per week. We have inspected hundreds of heads ranging in miles from 37,000 (they had cracks) to 455,000 miles.

We know where they crack, why they crack, and more importantly, what to do so it doesn’t happen again (and again).

Intake Port Runner

We have had 2 warranties since we started, both our mistakes, and we have learned from them both. First was in 2013. In the beginning we weren’t installing new intake seats in all heads to hold the cost down. If the customer told us they had big power adders, we would offer them as an option at an extra charge. Since that failure, we install intake and exhaust nickel-chrome seats in every head.

The second was just a few months ago. We installed a .300″ deep seat in a 6.4 liter head, just like we’ve done many times before. months later it failed, small crack under the seat. We won’t do that again.

The point I’m making is our program has evolved, and even so only two of the Ford diesel cylinder heads that we have repaired in the last 4 years have gone bad, that is two of over 1500 heads that we have repaired in that time period. We know what will work and what won’t. We even cut some up to find out what’s on the inside.

We warranty our machine work for life and hope we never hear from you again, unless it’s a different truck. When it comes to Cylinder Heads we are the experts and have been repairing them for over 40 years. Want your Ford Diesel Cylinder head repaired correctly? Give us a call at 407-730-9777. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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