Southeast Cylinder Head Lifetime Machine Shop Warranty

We will re-machine any cylinder head we have previously reconditioned by us for as long as you own the vehicle, boat or industrial equipment regardless of cause.

This warranty does not apply if the original repairs were “partial repairs” such as, but not limited to: resurface only, pressure test only, stud repair.

Customer agrees that their only remedy under this warranty will be at:

Southeast Cylinder Head’s location at 1438 W Anderson Street, Orlando, FL 32805.

Customer agrees that Southeast Cylinder Head, L.L.C. will not be responsible for:

  • Labor to remove and re-install the cylinder head, any replacement parts including, but not limited to, gaskets, head bolts, valves, cylinder head castings, filters, fluids, A/C Freon, towing fees, substitute transportation, lodging, personal or property damage, loss of income, profit or sales.
  • Customer agrees that Southeast Cylinder Head’s maximum exposure under this warranty is a refund.