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Don’t Pay Good Money For Scrap. When To Avoid Used Cylinder Heads.

Used cylinder heads may be a good solution to your problem, let me give you an example of when they are not. A customer brought us a head for a 2000 Lexus LS400. The VVT (Variable Valve Timing) hub was broken, $300 our cost. He found a cylinder head online for $150 including shipping. I got the phone # and called before he ordered it. Explained what we needed and asked if our customer could just buy the VVT hub. Same price, whole head or pieces. My statement to our customer was “if it sounds too good to be true, it is!” He went ahead and ordered it. 7 days (not 3 as promised) this is what we got:

bad shipping on used cylinder heads

Here’s what we saw next:

used cylinder heads

The pieces you see in the lower right hand corner is the VVT hub dis-assembled. Lexus does not service the hub separately so there are no diagrams or instructions for timing it and matching it to the camshaft. Bottom line; VVT hub is useless.

Called the customer, sent him these pictures, he showed up a couple of hours later. He called the person who sold him this cylinder head. Remember the price was $150 DELIVERED? He was told the part was $75, shipping was $75. He can return it but there is no refund on shipping and he has to pay the shipping to get it back.

Bottom line: The customer paid $150 for scrap.

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