I just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did on my 6.4 cylinder heads. It took a long time to get this engine together. I found many flaws in this engine . The crank was twisted, 3 cracked pistons, front cover cavitation although common shouldn’t be happening. I want to send some pictures of the build and let you know what’s in this build in case anyone else asks what works. Its got pistons bought directly from international that do not have the stress risers in the bowl area. The crank I found was twisted,  so new crank and balanced to 6 grams . Original rods .all magnafluxed. Colt billet stage 2 camshaft. New block, front cover and 2 batmowheel billet compressor wheels with new turbos. A fluidampr crank damper and a lot of time!!!  But it runs so smooth and just wants to rev, past 2500 to 4500 it just pulls with 50 psi boost through a banks intercooler. It’s just a fun truck to drive.


John Zielinski



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